By Invitation Only…

Hi! My name is Chris Jaeger and I have more than 30 years of experience getting wedding business websites top-ranked at Google.

If you’re on this page you are responding to a private invitation I sent you via email or postcard offering a complimentary search engine optimization (SEO) mini-audit.

Thanks for responding to my offer!

This offer is only for those in the wedding industry who want to:

  • Reach more engaged couples using Google to search for wedding services
  • Get them to your website
  • Convert them into inquiries

Inquiries from couples who are searching for your wedding services at Google, and then click to your website, are the best type of leads you can get.

They are more likely to turn into sales than leads from The Knot or WeddingWire (I have data from one of my clients to prove it!).

Engaged couples are using Google to find your category of wedding services; the question is, are they finding you or a competitor first?

Getting your website better ranked at Google starts with expert advice and my SEO mini-audit.

There is no charge, no obligation, and no sales pitch.

At the end of my audit, you’ll simply have a better idea of:

(1) Where your website currently ranks at Google and

(2) If it is NOT top-ranked, why?

As a thank you for responding to my offer, I’ll also send you a complimentary copy of my “25 Things You Can Do to Get Better Results From Your Internet Marketing” PDF.

Fill out the form here and I’ll get to it immediately. In most cases, I return these within 72 hours.