#1 Your Website Should Be VERY Appealing to Your Ideal Customer

[Category: Website Design] Who is your ideal customer and what are they looking for when they visit your website?

Answer this question and it pretty much defines what you should be presenting at your website and online.

Most people are looking for solutions to their problems or have some type of need.

Q: What is your ideal customer’s problem that you have the solution for?

Does your website clearly communicate that you offer a solution to your ideal client’s problem, desire, or interest?

#2 Optimize Your Website for Conversion

[Category: Website Design] Conversion occurs when someone visiting your website, or other online touchpoint, does something that you want them to do.

In many cases you want someone visiting your website to fill in your inquiry form or pick up the phone and call you.

Signing up for your email newsletter or a downloadable information/sales sheet are two other forms of conversion.

Action: List and then prioritize the three most important conversions you want from someone who visits your website. Make sure your marketing copy moves them to conversion points!

#3 Create an Immediate “Oh Yes” Moment

[Category: Website Design] I call it the “Oh yes” moment, that flash of a moment, usually within 6 seconds of visiting your website, when someone first visiting your website says to themselves:

“Oh yes, this is what I’m looking for.”

When they do, and if they do, you are have increased the odds of getting an inquiry and new customer.

#4 Call-to-Action

[Category: Website Design] Very often small things make a big difference, and this is one of them.

A clear call-to-action on all of the pages at your website will lead to better results.

Calls to action can be in the form of text or graphics – ideally both. FYI: the Contact option in your main navigation menu IS NOT a call-to-action!

Action: Check your pages for a highly visible (i.e. big) call-to-action at the bottom of every page, the natural place where people are looking for their NEXT ACTION after reading your content. 

#5 Use More Social Proof in Your Marketing Message

[Category: Marketing Message] Social proof, not to be confused with social media, in the form of testimonials, reviews, and favorable mentions is the tipping point that turns “lookers” into inquiries and then into new customers.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the numbers:

  • 95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or service.
  • 93% said that online reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • 58% of shoppers surveyed said they are willing to pay more for products and services with favorable reviews.
  • 74% of consumers said that reviews increase trust in a company.

#6 Increase Your Overall Online Visibility

Increasing your website and brand visibility across all platforms is necessary to compete effectively today. It’s not enough to have just a website anymore, particularly in any competitive category. The first place to start, in my opinion, is a Google Business Profile.


#7 Get Your Website Better Ranked at Google

[Category: Strategy] Make no mistake, millions of people still use Google every day (more than TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram).  Being ranked in the top ten on a search engine results page (SERP) is like owning the goose that lays golden eggs. It takes some time, effort, and expertise, but SEO always delivers a great return-on-investment.

Put another way.

When people are searching for your type of products and services at Google, they are going to find someone – the question is: will it be your company or a competitor?

#8 Use Social Media for Traffic Building

[Category: Strategy] Everyone talks about using social media to build your brand and increase your brand visibility, but I see most people missing the opportunity to drive traffic from their social media touchpoints to their website.

Action: Be sure that you have optimized your social media profiles AND POSTS with links back to your website. Put links to your website, or important pages at your website (like a FAQ page), in your social posts.

#9 Get Some “Google Love” – Optimize Your Google Business Profile

[Category: Tools] One of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility and presence at Google is to register and then optimize your Google Business Profile.

Think of your Google Business profile as a mini-website that Google has created for your business.

Another reason a Google Business Profile is so important: you won’t rank well in local search (i.e. _____ near me”) without a properly registered and optimized Google Business Profile.


#10 Test. Test. Test. Always Be Testing.

[Category: Strategy] Every business is different, and every audience is different. With that in mind what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another business. Does a CPA need to be on TikTok? I’m not sure about that, probably not. Does the same CPA need to be top-ranked at Google? That answer is YES. The most important thing to do is to have a well-crafted strategy and then test and measure the results you get from different tactics.

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