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25+ Internet Best Practices
July 18, 2022


I want this book to help you get better results from your internet marketing.

I want this book to help you save time and money.

I want this book to help you beat your competition.

I want this book to help you dramatically improve your visibility at Google, the #1 search engine in the United States.

I want this book to help you get more inquiries from your website.

I want this book to help you increase sales.

If you are interested in any of these things you are in the right place!

But to be clear…

There are no “secrets” on the following pages.

There are no “quick fixes.”

I am not an internet marketing “guru” with hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, but I do have dozens of happy clients and use these practices for my clients as well as my own internet projects.

And like all good things worthy of attaining, some significant work is required.

What you will find on the following pages are 25+ things that I consider to be internet marketing best practices, practices that, in my observations, 95% of the companies who have a web presence are not doing or not doing correctly.

I promise that I will make each of the following internet marketing best practices easy to understand and in most cases easy to execute. I promise they will save you time and money. They will help you beat your online competition, they will help you get more inquiries from your website, and they will help you get your business website better ranked at Google.

Interested in any of these things?

If your answer is yes, please read on.

Use these recommended internet marketing best practices (check off each and every box), use them properly (no shortcuts, no half-completed), execute them consistently, measure your results (so that you can make the proper adjustments) and I am confident you will recoup your investment in this booklet hundreds of times over!

I Love Fishing

I spend some of my time each year in one of the oldest fishing ports in the United States, Gloucester, Massachusetts. If you’ve never been here add it to your bucket list!

As you might guess, growing up in Gloucester, I love fishing. To me, it is the ultimate hunt. There is something about being knowledgeable, prepared, and then effectively executing a plan that resonates with me. Probably because it ALWAYS leads to a successful outcome.

But I’m going to admit, in days gone by I was always on the look for the next best fishing lure, a bigger boat, and seeking out the “secret” fishing grounds where I was assured by the old timers on the waterfront that the fish “would jump in your boat.”

In other words, I wanted a fast and easy quick fix or result. My tackle box was full of shiny objects, literally.

And that’s how I approached fishing for many years. There were many days and nights, even one entire year when I returned home “skunked.”

And then I got smart and asked someone who consistently caught big fish, the fish like I wanted to fight and filet for my grill, my brother Greg.

My brother’s “secret?”

Forget the shiny objects (i.e. big boats, expensive fishing rods, etc.).

Ignore most of the BS you hear on the fishing docks.

Know what you’re doing and follow best practices – consistently.

Fish where the fish are!

Image: (picture of my striped bass with Greg…)

What’s the point, Chris?

Fishing is a lot like internet marketing.

There are a lot of “shiny objects” out there. There are a lot of internet marketing gurus selling quick fixes and implying immediate BIG results. The reality is that 99% of these so-called gurus are only going to separate money from your wallet leaving you with little to show or inconsequential results.

A better course of action is to understand the basics and the fundamentals – in other words, INTERNET MARKETING BEST PRACTICES.

Before we start, I’ll state the obvious: there are certainly more than 25 internet marketing best practices.

But let’s get to these 25 first, build upon their importance and value, and then head back out “fishing” to tackle the next round!

To your business success!

Chris Jaeger

p.s. If you ever make it go Gloucester click me up and let’s go fishing!


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