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I help companies get better results from their internet marketing by increasing their online visibility, attracting more high-quality website visitors, getting more inquiries, and closing more sales.

Chris Jaeger

How Can I Help You Today?
  • Step #1: Findability


2.3 billion searches are performed at Google every single day in the United States. Potential new customers are looking for your products and services. The question is, are they finding you or finding a competitor?

  • Step #2: The Click


Things are heading in the right direction! Someone (that you are looking for) has found your website and is now an official “visitor.” How do you make sure they stay? How do you get them to engage? How do you get them to do what you want them to do next?

  • Step #3: The Connection


Nothing happens until a sale is made” is the famous quote by former chairman and CEO of IBM Thomas Watson Sr. Now it’s time to turn your “click” into a new customer and new sale!

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I work with people who are interested in getting better results from their internet marketing. And it all starts with a conversation. Take advantage of my complimentary DISCOVERY SESSION.

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Case Study: Gloucester Charter Connection

Captain Johnny Johnson gives his clients the experience of a lifetime hunting for Giant Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was spending $40K+/year on TV advertising. His website was impossible to find at Google and even those who found it were not making inquiries. To say the least, he was very frustrated.


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Top-ranked at Google
  • More website inquiries
  • More sales

Case Study: Riverside Senior Living

Riverside Senior Living in Decatur, Alabama wanted more inquiries from their website. Today occupancy is consistently in the 90% range. They dropped an expensive lead generation program they were using (that was only generating poor-quality leads) and now almost exclusively get high-quality leads from the internet.


  • Top-ranked at Google
  • Lead generation optimized
  • More website inquiries
  • More sales
  • Competitive advantage

Case Study: Semper Dive

The management of Semper Dive and Semper Offshore was frustrated when they couldn’t find their website on Google. And that meant neither were potential new customers. We identified the problems and fixed them. Google liked what we did and now they are top-ranked for dozens of their targeted keywords/phrases.


  • Top-ranked at Google
  • Increased online visibility
  • More website inquiries

Case Study: Bridal Gown Care

The wedding industry is a $32 billion dollar per year industry in the United States. Owners Bob and Carol Clarke wanted their piece of the pie. Taking their experience in the dry cleaning business, they built Bridal Gown Care and quickly became a dominant player in their marketplace.


  • Improved internet marketing strategy
  • Top-ranked at Google
  • Increased online visibility
  • More website inquiries

Case Study: Fifth Avenue Events & Entertainment

George Banfalvi, the owner of Fifth Avenue Events & Entertainment, provides his clients with outstanding music and entertainment for very special events taking place throughout Southern California. From Cirque entertainers to celebrity impersonators to tribute bands, he does it all.


  • Optimized marketing/sales messaging
  • Rebuilt outdated website
  • Top-rankings at Google
  • Increased online visibility
  • Improved social media messaging
  • More website inquiries
  • Sales process optimization

Why Companies Choose to Work With Me

Expertise & Experience

Think of me as a guiding Sherpa on your climb of Mt. Everest! Put my 30+ years of internet marketing experience and expertise to work for your company and reach your goals and objectives faster.


Successful projects and positive outcomes are built on trust and respect. You run your business, work with new clients, and optimize your customer service. Let me take care of your internet marketing and help fill your sales pipeline!

A Unique Approach

I approach all of my client work as though YOUR company was my company, guiding you to make better decisions with your internet marketing that lead to better results. We are in this together!


Expect unmatched personal service. I treat my customers just like family! Just ask any of my clients. Most of my clients have have worked with me for 8 years or more.


It’s all about results. Let’s talk about what you want to achieve and I’ll use my experience and expertise to deliver the results you want promptly and cost-effectively.


Successful outcomes are built using effective communication, something very important to me. I use leading-edge technology to keep my clients up-to-date on everything we do.

Expertise. Experience. Results.

New Website Design or Updating

High-Performance Secure Website Hosting

Ongoing Website Management & Development

Website Reviews, Audits, and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Inbound Link Building

Online Visibility Optimization & Traffic Development

Social Media Channel Development & Marketing

Content Development & Blogging

Lead Generation & Sales System Optimization

Email Marketing: Newsletter & List Growth / Management

Google Analytics; KPI, and Data Management & Analysis

Google Ads

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Video Production and Video Marketing

YouTube Channel Development & Marketing

Results Focused Using Internet Marketing Best Practices

DIY (do it yourself)

DIWY (do it with you)

DIFY (do it for you)

“My website was not working. My internet marketing was not working. And it was costing me a fortune. Chris took charge and I saw results immediately. Last year was a record year for website inquiries. I expect this year will be the same. If you are not happy with the results you are getting from your internet marketing hire Chris immediately.”

Captain Johnny Johnson

F/V Subdivider (specializing in Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters)